"Tom is a great guy and is willing to bend over backwards to make the customer happy. He and his company are top notch."

- by Beaver County Homeowner who received an Energy Audit, Energy Retrofit work and HVAC Upgrade, Winter 2014

"Excellent work by Comfy House. Tom suggested the best thing(s) for my home, even when they cost less. How many contractors do that?? I hired them to do an energy audit of a home I was considering buying. I eventually bought the home and Comfy House did the attic sealing (to avoid heat loss) and (was the) general contractor for the entire project. I was also impressed because after the first energy audit they explained that the house had excellent and very valuable baseboard heaters that did not need to be replaced. That saved me a lot of money. I did not know much about heating systems going into this project and they definitely could have told me to replace it and earned themselves a pretty penny, but instead they told me to keep what I had, it was great quality, well installed and would last for years! I cannot rate Tom and his crew highly enough, and will use them for future projects."  

- by Pittsburgh Homeowner who received an Energy Audit, Energy Retrofit work, New Roof and Electrical Work Summer 2014

"Our upstairs was so cold in the winter, I had to bundle up to go in there. So we almost never used it. Now it's the warmest place in the house."

- by Pittsburgh Homeowner who received an Energy Audit and Energy Retrofit work, Summer 2014

"We have a Cape-cod home that is all electric. We decided to install a Geo-thermal heating system in our home in 2014 and were told we should look into getting our house insulation tested for its effectiveness (R value). Tom Branch was the only person our contractor would recommend. We also had some freezing pipe problems that needed to be addressed above our garage.

It's now February 2015, we have been down to -18, and we have not had frozen pipes. I am now sleeping through the night instead of getting up 50 times to see if a pipe has broken! The ineffective heat/ac on our second floor was replaced with new duct work, dual zone thermostats and increased insulation and is now as comfortable as our first floor, and with a cape-cod style home it's quite the accomplishment. Even more amazing is the whole house is comfortable and our electric costs are down, despite all the increases from Power Company.

I do now live in a Comfy Home - Thank you Tom"

‚Äč- by Beaver County Homeowner who received Energy Retrofit work and an HVAC/duct work upgrade, Summer 2014 

"Comfy House was incredibly helpful from the home energy audit to the insulation installation. Mr. Branch was great to work with and we were very pleased with the way it turned out. Looking forward to lower heating bills next winter."

- by Pittsburgh Homeowner who received an Energy Audit and Energy Retrofit work, Spring 2014