Contractor Warranty Service

For owners of recently purchased new homes that are having HVAC and/or comfort issues, Comfy House serves as a third party warranty service contractor who will come out to the house to determine the cause of the issue and how to resolve it. 

We provide this service for both contractors and homeowners. These services start at $250.

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Energy Audits

Energy Audits are a study of your home using advanced tools, measurements, visual observations and many years of building science experience. From the information obtained we can show you, through an audit report, the most cost effective solutions for excessive energy use and discomfort.  

An energy audit really is the best initial investment that you can make if you are ready to get serious about reducing energy cost and increasing comfort. Over the years we have seen many instances where people spend a lot of money, without the proper guidance and strategies to cut energy cost, with little success. An audit will provide you with this guidance and these strategies. We make sure that things are done right from the start. 

Comfy House offers audits at the following rates:

Walk through audits: start at  $375 

Full energy audits with performance testing start at $600

In addition, Comfy House offers special audit rates through the ReEnergize Pittsburgh Healthy Homes Incentive Program, and the First Energy Residential Audit Program.


Call 412-423-9034 to schedule an energy audit. 

Energy repairs and improvements

As you may have guessed by now, Comfy House offers total energy retrofit  contracting services. After many years of doing energy audits and writing audit reports, we simply could not find contractors that offered the quality of work we knew was required to maximize the energy efficiency and comfort of existing homes. Therefore, we expanded into a full service home performance contracting company dedicated to the highest quality in air sealing and insulation. We perform our work to meet the objectives stated in the audit report. All of our work meets or exceeds Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards.

After work is completed, we perform quality assurance and test-out of the building to assure that the customer is satisfied with the work, that the work was completed as described, and to measure the improvement in the airtightness of the building and (if applicable) the ducts.

If you are really serious about lowering your energy bills and having a very comfortable house, you should give us a call.

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 ​The services that we offer for existing houses include:  Energy Audits,  Comfort Analysis,  Energy improvement work( Free Estimates), HVAC airflow assessment and correction, Windows, storm windows, roofs and Assessment of Structural Damage caused by excessive energy use.

If you need any of our services, please call: 

Call: 412.423.9034


Existing House Services

Building Damage Assessment

Ice damming , mold, interstitial moisture , warping of materials, rusted out lintels and frozen water pipes are frequently symptoms of excessive wasted energy. We can help you to pinpoint the problems and offer educated solutions..


New Home Performance Testing 

for Code Compliance and Energy Star Certification

As a RESNET accredited company, Comfy House serves as a third party contractor who verifies the energy performance of new homes. Working for several different home builders, Comfy House tests homes for Energy Star and energy code compliance. One of Comfy House's home energy raters will come to the site prior to the completion of construction and test the airtightness of the house and the ducts, verify the quality of air sealing and insulation, test HVAC airflows, check equipment efficiency and other energy efficiency measures such as lighting, windows, and solar orientation. The goal is to verify that the house meets all the requirements of an Energy Star or code compliant home.

We are very proud of our part in the energy efficiency market transformation of the past few years. We have inspected several thousand houses for code compliance, Energy Star certification and other code programs. Due to our guidance and the efforts of our building partners, our average house is 40% more efficient than houses of just a few years ago.


Due to the fact that we must fail houses that don't make the grade, it is not an easy business to make friends. However we have had tremendous success because we have a culture of respect for the working tradesmen. 

We always strive to offer the most beneficial test and solutions possible.

Tests start at $190

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Energy & Comfort Analysis

 These services are frequently needed on both old and newer homes. They can be pretty tricky and they sometimes require a lot of skill to pinpoint the problems. Say for instance that you have a room that is colder or warmer than the rest of the house. Or you have a room with poor airflow. Insulation could be poorly aligned, ductwork could be too leaky or even disconnected. Perhaps the ductwork wasn't even designed properly. Comfy House will evaluate these issues on-site to determine the cause and nature of the problem, and will prepare a scope of work that will list and explain how to resolve the comfort issues. We are experts at finding the problems and offering the most affordable ways to correct them. 

We have inspected thousands of homes and we know what to look for.

We provide this service for both contractors and homeowners. These services start at $250.

Call: 412.423.9034