Hand Drawn Duct Design

In addition to flow diagrams, Comfy House offers hand drawn duct designs for relatively simple buildings.  Once HVAC load calculations are complete, hand drawn duct designs are sketched over floor plan backgrounds provided by the client in PDF format. Hand drawn duct design sketches start at $250.

Flow Diagram

Many houses have simple designs that require relatively simple HVAC systems. In addition, some houses have site conditions that are not shown in the plans. The best method to produce working duct design in these types of houses is with a flow diagram, which are drawn on CAD. Flow diagrams for most one HVAC system buildings start $199.

CAD Drawn Duct Design

Some projects are so complex that they require high quality, CAD drawn duct design. Using floor plan backgrounds provided by the owner, Comfy House designs the HVAC layout based on the plans and the completed HVAC load calculations. Pricing starts at $400 per floor; quotes are provided per project.

Duct Design...

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